Equitable Compensation Fee

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Community,

For us, it's essential that our public understand we've invested a lot of time developing the values we now work within. Our shift from a gratuity/tip-based model, inherently biased and arbitrary, did not come lightly or without process.

We implement an equity fee, often referred to as a "service charge." We can distribute our equity fee fairly to hourly staff. Gratuity, while not taxable, cannot be distributed equitably and perpetuates a divided system. The Restaurant must claim the "service charge" as an increase in sales, and it's reported as taxable income, though none of the fees are taken by the Restaurant. In contrast, our equity choice impacts profitability. We believe that the long-term sustainability and benefit to our team are well worth the cost.

So, although it comes at a cost to the Restaurant, we took a considerable financial risk by stepping outside the old ways. We want to lead with our moral compass and no longer ignore the inequalities baked into the gratuity-based system. Moving to an equity fee reinforces our values by focusing on shared responsibility and emphasizes that every team member is instrumental in our collective success.

We invite you to join the change we can create as a community. We understand that not all will agree with our decision to lead with inclusion, but we are grateful that the majority of our guests have recognized its value. If you prefer not to participate in our equity fee, please communicate, and we will remove it from your bill.
As with most evolution, there is often a period of discomfort, leading to a positive result.

More details regarding our values and inclusion are available on our site and highlighted in a recent Food and Wine Magazine article. Please get in touch with us if you have more questions or would like to see a side-by-side comparison between the two models. This model will show the minimal cost difference to our guests.

Our hope is for future legislation with an update to the archaic gratuity policies. Equality and equity are all of our responsibilities and should not cost the Restaurant or its guests to implement.

For those of you who took a moment to read this, we thank you for your time!