Good Good Ohana Table

Good Good's Ohana Table is a shared family style feast, like dinner with your favorite cousins. Accommodates 8 to 16 guests, 70.00 per guest. The table is located within our dining room. it's bookable via Resy up to 30 days in advance. Seatings are: 5 pm and 7:45 pm and later, times are not flexible. Seats a minimum of 8 guests and a max of 16 guests.

Do not book this table if you can not honor our policies.

Cancel/decrease policy is strict. Arrive with your confirmed guest count. Decreases due 48 hours prior via email. Decreases upon arrival will be charged 25.00 per guest.


  • Strict 48-hour 25.00 per guest cancellation/decrease fee
  • Email us to confirm guest count and allergies prior to 48 hours.
  • Guests who arrive with less than their confirmed number will be charged 25.00 for their confirmed guest count.
  • 5 pm reservations, please arrive on time to respect the 7:45 pm reserved after you.

Less than 8 guests? This is considered a cancellation. Please cancel prior to 48 hours via Resy. This table is in high-demand and holds a wait list. 

We can not accommodate parties of more than 7 guests outside. Please do not book this table if you need to sit outdoors.

Ohana Table is not pre-bookable. Our reservations open 30 days prior at 10 pm. Transparency is regarded, we do not book this table early or via email. If you are unable to secure the time you desire, add your name to "notify" via Resy. Keep in mind Friday and Saturdays at 7:45 pm often book at 10 pm when reservations open.

Sample menu here!