FAQs & Policies

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We love dogs but non-service dogs are not allowed inside or on our roofgarden. If you'd like to bring your non service animal, please email us immediately. We have 4 tables located on our sidewalk usually reserved for walk-in guests which can accommodate your furry friend, only one of these tables can seat 4-6 guests. We must know of dogs prior to 24 hours if you have a reservation with us.

Indoor/Outdoor Seating

With the exception of parties more than 6 guests we can accommodate indoor or outdoor seating preferences. Once booked let us know in advance, email us or add the request to your Resy "special requests". For parties larger than 6 guests only indoors is available. 

Equity Fee Instead of gratuity?

This is incredibly important to us. In short, we believe the public should not decide which staff member earns more. For far too long there have been inequities and imbalance in restaurant pay scales. We are looking to disrupt this archaic system. We instead structure pay equitably, so all staff benefits and not just some. More about our values explained here!

Why QR?

Read about why we chose QR ordering.

Hiring Process

We have changed everything about how we hire. We look at a series of questions instead of a resume. We are more interested in what you can do, how you want to move forward, and your strengths. We are not interested in knowing your past because we want to learn about you and meet you at the moment. This series of questions also allows our human growth team to scrub all biased info before setting up a phone interview. After the interview, if both parties feel it's a match, we move forward with an in-person paid trial (in the restaurant world called a stage). After the stage, we evaluate with our team, and we ask the candidate if they feel we are a good fit? You can apply or see our process here!

Cancel Policy

Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are plaguing our industry. We consider a reservation a bilateral agreement and we ask that your reservation be honored. Guests who cancel within 24 hours will be charged a fee of 25.00 per guest. All no-shows will be charged, no exceptions. If you'd like to know more about how last-minute cancellations and no-shows impact restaurants, reach out for a more detailed explanation.


A great and direct way to support family-owned restaurants is by purchasing wine and desserts in-house. We are proud of the programs we worked so hard to develop and we kindly ask that outside food and drink is not brought in. If you feel strongly about bringing your own items our corkage is 20.00 per bottle, limit two bottles. We do not have a dessert fee.

Incomplete Parties

We are one of the few restaurants in SF that seat incomplete parties. We'd love to continue doing so but we need your help. Please, if members of your party arrive late ask your server when the next reservation is booked for your table so you may be respectful to the guests dining after you.

Late Policy

Please allow ample time for parking. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will place you on a waitlist for the next available table. We can not hold tables past 15 minutes.

Large Parties - Ohana Table

Our Ohana Table can accommodate 8 to 12 guests, this table is located indoors and bookable via our reservations page. This table has a set family menu. While the price will not differ the experience will be enhanced. This table has 2 seatings a night, 5 pm and 7:45 pm. These times are not adjustable. Our Ohana table has a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. 

Is Liholiho moving back to Sutter Street?

Yes, Liholiho is moving back to it's original home on Sutter. We are still staffing up and taking things slow, this allows us to offer the very best service to you! We look forward to having Liholiho reopen this spring.