Values & Equity

As a society and restaurant family, we have a great opportunity for lasting positive change.

Here at Good Good our core values are deeply regarded and discussed often. We are continuously contemplating how we can grow our value system to create a comforting environment. While we will not always agree, we strive for understanding. We feel these discussions allow us to grow as a team. As we continue to learn from and challenge each other, we have identified the following values as our focus and commitment to ourselves and to you.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - We feel most comfortable when we exist as a diverse group. The inspiration born from learning each other's history, heritage and cultural richness is an incredible opportunity and a powerful tool shared amongst our team. We feel this translates to our guests and is contagious in our dining room. We are firm believers that equitable pay should be respected on all tiers of our restaurant family.

Growth Mindset - We should never stop learning, continuing to explore ways to make small improvements daily. A growth mindset allows for exploration, at times success and at times failure. Always providing opportunities to learn and grow.

Care - We strive to keep our restaurant family's well-being at the forefront of our minds, dictating our decision-making. We care about the quality of our work, the people with whom we work, and the people who benefit from our work. Recognizing that each person's life looks different and everyone processes uniquely. Our goal is to provide a supportive community that values integrity, transparency, and trust in each other. 

Empowerment - To our restaurant family, empowerment is a direct result of care. With care and patience, comes trust, empathy and the ongoing search for brilliance. We want individuals to take empowered risks. With these trials and errors our restaurant family strives to act as a safety net for one another. When we are empowered, we exist with a sense of ease and happiness.

It is because of the above values and their importance to us that we have implemented changes. We have moved to an equitable compensation model to provide more equality. This new system creates equity in the way we pay and helps to close the historically large pay gap between restaurant positions. We believe in living wages, mental health benefits and furthering education for staff. 

It's not uncommon for a busy or successful restaurant to exist with a 3-5% profit margin or sometimes even 0% during slower months. Yet, restaurants staying true to hospitality with their deep roots in nurturing will often be the first to donate to Public Schools, Charities, or the first to react to natural disasters. Systems need to be reevaluated and rebuilt and our communication with guests needs to be more forthright and transparent. 

More than anything else the pandemic has taught us to reset, reexamine and most importantly to take care of one another through a lens of kindness and care.


*Equitable Compensation Fee - We believe all staff should benefit equitably. The public should not decide which of our staff members earn more gratuity. There have been inequities and imbalances baked into restaurant pay scales for far too long. We are looking to disrupt this archaic system and build a better one. For this reason, we structure our 20% fee equitably. Our entire restaurant family benefits, not only some. More info here.