Manager Heather Murphy

Manager Heather Murphy

Heather was born in Santa Ana and grew up in Fullerton, California, before moving to San Francisco in 2011 to attend college.

She is currently earning a degree in Criminal Justice. While unsure what this will lead to; Heather knows she wants to see change and not just hope for it. She is a person who creates the difference she wants to see in life. This is a perfect example of Heather's identity and why we are lucky to have her on our leadership team.

Heather hopes to remain part of our restaurant family as she works towards bettering our communities. She is focused on re-entry work through community engagement and connecting those rentering to needed resources.

Being a part of Good Good & Liholiho's opening leadership team. Helping to restructure the restaurants to create a values-based mission is an accomplishment Heather is incredibly proud of. The process has encouraged and inspired her to pursue her professional and personal goals.

For Heather, many of her personal and professional passions blend together. She loves learning about other cultures through cooking and baking. She loves food and eating, but knowing the story and inspiration behind a dish or a beverage is the most meaningful to her. Being exposed to and understanding the food histories and cultures of the people she works with has been inspiring. Heather says, "We get to know each other more through our food cultures in ways we don't realize sometimes. It's a great example of how the underrepresented have more to share than society has traditionally allowed." The Good Good family helped her identify and facilitate change in systems she no longer feels aligned with. It feels restorative to be part of a community that is open to change, listens to each other, and then creates pivots as needed.

Three words you could use to describe Heather; 

creative, loyal, and determined. Some might say Heather is stubborn, but her skillful active listening and ability to adjust consistently give her the incredible gift of common ground and resolution. She gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing others succeed. 

"Social change cannot happen without art for joy and resistance" -Dr. Bettina Love

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